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Amanda Pybus

Amanda has been passionate about animals all her life and particularly interested in the relationships between animals and their owners.  Fifteen years ago Amanda started running classes at Fourways Veterinary Hospital with Dr Donne Roberts (Wells), a veterinarian who specialised in animal behaviour.

Subsequently Amanda attended puppy class instructor courses offered by Dr. Quixi Sonntag and a Canine Culture Obedience Instructor course offered by Shannon Mckay.  Amanda trained dogs and handlers at beginner to advanced level while continuing to do puppy classes.  Amanda constantly keeps up to date on latest training methods and thinking through extensive reading and interacting with colleagues.

Amanda is dedicated to building a relationship between the handler and their puppy through her puppy classes and while her classes are fun and interactive, the importance of the classes are not forgotten.  Amanda recognises the importance of this age in the puppy and is eager to ensure that the handler uses this time to his/her best advantage to ensure a well balanced adult dog.  A badly trained dog does not go out much and Amanda knows through effective training that dogs enjoy a much more balanced and well rounded lifestyle.

Amanda has a husband, three dogs Sam (Golden), Stryder (Lab x Golden) and Gryphon (Golden) and nine cats.

Amanda & Ben

Sonia Munting

I have had a great affinity with animals since a young child. It is because of this that the true essence of the human-animal bond, and the ways by which we interact and communicate with them, have always intrigued me. Our animals learn so much from us, but what we often fail to realise, is that we too have much to learn from them.

In 2005, I followed my heart and studied Ethology, where I gained my advanced certificates in canines. Not long after that, I moved into the veterinary industry and managed a reputable Vetshop, that specializes in animal nutrition and grooming. While working there, I assisted Amanda training puppies during their formative learning phase, and gaining valuable knowledge and practical experience.

Later on, I started my own puppy school, and since then have continued to assist Amanda, as well as expand my knowledge in the field. My passion and aim is to get owners and their puppies on a road to building a foundation of perfect companionship and mutual respect.
Over the years,  the one thing that has been clarified over and over to me, is that the amount of effort you put into your puppy, is a sure indication of the investment you will get out. Because of this, I have found nothing more rewarding than working with owners and their puppies, formulating, growing, and nurturing that ever unique and special bond.

Linsey Lester

“Although always a pet owner, when I adopted my boxer Kiara in 2011 my interest in animal behaviour and training blossomed.  I started working in a veterinary practice and completed courses in Early, Intermediate and Advanced Canine Development (hosted by Quixi Sonntag) and qualified as a Hills Puppy School instructor in early 2012. I have also completed the puppy instructor courses offered by Thinking Pets and in 2015 I gained the COAPE diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour.

I have run puppy 1 & 2 classes since 2012 and I thoroughly enjoy working with young puppies during the crucial socialisation period. My interest and the necessity to help puppies that need more intensive training is growing. By applying my knowledge as a behaviourist and trainer into 1on1 training sessions and remedial Puppy 2 classes, I am dedicated to helping puppies that have missed the opportunity to train in a beginner class and find it difficult to cope in a class environment.

I am committed to ensuring that with the time you spend training your puppy, you achieve the maximum results and that the bond between you and your puppy flourishes through mutual understanding.”

Linsey is married with a baby girl  and shares her home with Kiara (boxer), Ali (Crossbreed), Max (JRT) and two guinea pigs (Ratchet and Clank).

Linsey Lester

Sonia, Beresford & Phoebe

Lorna Cochrane

I have always been passionate about training - be it my horses, our dogs or more loosely the cats, ducks and chickens.

Animals are integral to our lives, our pets become our family, and more often we are seeing people choosing not to have children while their pets tend then to fill that gap.  Yet successfully integrating animals into the modern lifestyles of today can be a challenge.  Pets and owners need to be taught how to adapt.

This is my passion - helping owners understand the needs and behaviours of their dogs, and working through modern, positive training methods to build that all important partnership - which must be based on mutual respect, not fear.

Lorna Cochrane

David Middleton

Originally from the UK, I moved to your beautiful country in 2002 with my family and animals. I have always loved animals since I had my first dog as a child and through the years and different dogs along the way, I have learnt a lot from their differing behaviour.

By doing this, I can now get the best out of dogs by using positive reinforcement and most of all - having the patience of a Saint! Rome wasn't built in a day and so consistency together with a lot of fun along the way, it is my aim to get the best out of your dog for a long term successful and happy relationship. 

Apart from personal experience I have studied canine Ethology and been observing and assisting in classes to further my knowledge of dog behaviour.

David Middleton